Your own SAFETYZONE Academy


e-learning has been evolving since the original computer based training (CBT) approach over 30 years ago. Your company may already engage with one of the many excellent product suppliers on the market; however, did you know that, along with the off-the shelf content, there is an economical BESPOKE offer from Denholm-White?


It's easy to repeat the mistake made by many companies and think e-learning is the panacea to all your compliance issues; your staff will soon become demotivated by this tick-box approach and, of course, the best learning cultures are developed with an engaging mix of face-to-face and web based offerings.


We have great fun and satisfaction working with clients to create something which isn't OFF THE SHELF and which makes reference to YOUR business and, most importantly, engages with YOUR STAFF.  The results are easy to measure!

Single site option (SSO)

Effective learning can be fun!

If you own/operate an SME or have field-based employees, then this is the option for you. A simple Learning Management Platform which enables you to communicate with your staff in an engaging and practical way on either mobile devices or PCs. We can help you develop a system which enables you to monitor and deliver face-to-face and digital content (e-learning).


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Multi site option (MSO)

Engage with the audience

Even larger companies don't always have the resources to develop their own Learning Management System so why not let us help you to establish a professional tool bespoke to your organisation?


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