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Arriving soon details of further exciting events, products & collaborations



e-learning has been evolving since the original computer based training (CBT) approach over 30 years ago. Your company may already engage with one of the many excellent product suppliers on the market; however, did you know that, along with the off-the shelf content, there is an economical BESPOKE offer from Denholm-White?


It's easy to repeat the mistake made by many companies and think e-learning is the panacea to all your compliance issues; your staff will soon become demotivated by a tick-box approach and, of course, the best learning cultures are developed with an engaging mix of face-to-face and web based offerings.


We have great fun and satisfaction working with clients to create something which isn't "off the shelf" and which makes reference to your business and, most importantly, engages with your teams.  The results are easy to measure!


If the digital route is not for you we can also support you develop an alternative but effective learning structure for your business, looking at compliance and beyond.


Just contact us HERE at Denholm-White and we will send you a list of dates for our exciting LIVE WEBINARS taking place in November & December. Each registration will receive a FREE link to some engaging SHE video resources......



Another exciting project has been on the subject of Road Transport safety, developing a series of short e-learning modules using real time DASHCAM footage of motorists on the M1 and M25. We have some examples to share very soon.




We have been busy over the Summer months working with some new clients supporting their Learning requirements with our Learning Portal and creating some fun animation shorts to support this. more about this on our FACEBOOK pages.




The soft launch of The Difference our Learning Portal was completed earlier this year using our Engage webinar tool.


You can see the WEBCAST of the event below or by clicking HERE


Below is a small sample of what will soon be available to a wider audience. 


Feel free to register interest by clicking on The Difference logo above 

The Difference - it's simple

Easy access to the branded learning content from phone/tablet/PC.

The Difference - it's easy to navigate

A clear listing of course content alllocated to each user - relevance is key.

The Difference - it's engaging

The journey starts with a simple index (e-learning ELEMENTARY series)

The Difference - it's clear

The messages are enhanced with short video clips & animation to convey the information.

Have a play - with SWAY

Animations to download - use link here to VIMEO


This short animation was designed to be used at the close of a "case study" for senior managers during HS&E training. Feel free to download ( it does have a short brand reference at the end). You may want to select more powerful music (you will no doubt have your own ideas as licensing is preventing us from offering it with this copy). LINK HERE. Our VIMEO and YOUTUBE channels contain other examples on our SHOWREEL.