What's NEW from Denholm-White


Arriving soon details of further exciting events, products & collaborations



Our new Learning Portal is arriving soon!

The launch of The Difference our Learning Portal is in March 2019 have you had your invitation yet?


Below is a small sample of what is to come in the next few weeks.   (updated 20:2:19)

The Difference - it's simple

Easy access to the branded learning content from phone/tablet/PC.

The Difference - it's easy to navigate

A clear listing of course content alllocated to each user - relevance is key.

The Difference - it's engaging

The journey starts with a simple index (e-learning ELEMENTARY SERIES)

The Difference - it's clear

The messages are enhanced with short video clips & animation to convey the message.

Have a play - with SWAY

Take a look at some our our content using SWAY from Microsoft. You can change the view style to suit smartphones or PC's.... have a play with a SWAY.


We have developed some useful tools using this application, safety alerts, animated risk assessments, product launches. If you would like to see some examples just contact us.  (updated 25:1:19)

Feel free to download - use link here to VIMEO

This short animation was designed to be used at the close of a "case study" for senior managers during EHS training. Feel free to download ( it does have a short brand reference at the end). You may want to select more powerful music (you will no doubt have your own ideas as licensing is preventing us from offering it with this copy). LINK HERE